First luxury dog hotel opens in the UK

by Clare Jones on October 1, 2014

A dedicated hotel for pampered pooches has just opened in Brighton.

Believed to be the first of its type in (more…)

Time for a nice bowl of tea

by Leanne Thompson on May 30, 2014

With recent research showing that owner spending on pet dogs has risen to nearly £570m, a new concept is hitting the high streets: herbal tea for dogs.

Costing up to (more…)

Dogs can take a break in London’s first canine café

by Vivien Richardson on February 19, 2014

With so many people living with four-legged friends in the capital, it seems fitting that London’s very first canine cafe will soon open its doors there.

Later this year, the House of Hounds will (more…)

Scientists develop lifesaving dog collar

by Leanne Thompson on October 9, 2013

Dogs can be trained to detect all kinds of medical conditions, providing owners with greater independence. Barking, fetching and pawing are just three ways in which a (more…)

Vest designed to help dogs cope with their fears

by Leanne Thompson on September 25, 2013

Pet owners across the UK can now get their hands on a special T-shirt which has been designed specifically to help dogs relax.

The Equafleece, which has been labelled as a ‘hug in a T-shirt’, is a snug-fitting piece of (more…)

Woman from Pennyffordd launches dog bakery business

by Darren Jamieson on April 10, 2013

Birthday cakes, sweet biscuits and sugary treats – these are things that most people indulge in from time-to-time, and one lady from the Pennyffordd area has come up with a (more…)

Invention of dog support harness will help canines overcome walking problems

by Darren Jamieson on March 23, 2012

Vikram Jashapara has made use of a past experience to deliver a new glimmer of hope for many dogs. The successful businessman from Hertfordshire has designed and developed a new pet product that is set to assist dogs of all shapes and sizes in walking correctly. This support harness can aid dogs who struggle with arthritis, old age or any complications that could affect movement. (more…)

Products for dog stores continue to evolve

by Leanne Thompson on December 22, 2011

Running a pet store is not what it used to be. Modern dog products are much more advanced than their older counterparts. Particularly in the United States, technological innovation is leading to the production of some amazing goods. It is the case that where the United States leads, Britain usually follows. According to a recent news item, nanotechnology is altering what is available for pet owners.

A range of products for dogs are now being manufactured with nanotechnology at their heart. Dog collars and leads have been made by a company called Dog Gone Smart Pet Products. This enterprise aims to be a pioneer in the sector and will (more…)

Does your dog need a dog bed?

by Vivien Richardson on November 23, 2011

When you buy a dog, you will find that there are a lot of accessories on the market that appeal to the dog owner. Of course, dogs are not cheap pets to keep and this is important to bear in mind when you are considering buying a dog but how essential are all the dog products that appeal to the pet lover on the market? For example, does your dog really need a dog bed?

Your dog should get used to sleeping in one spot as this may make for an easier family life. Fighting your dog off (more…)

Which would you choose, a collar or harness?

by Mark James on September 25, 2011

All dog owners have there own opinions on what is better for their pet. This can be from which shampoo to which food. Some dog owners like to walk their dogs using a harness and some prefer to use a dog collar. Some will say a harness is better for your dogs posture, while some will say a dog collar is better for control.

Whether you prefer a collar or a harness, you should have a collar on your dog every day when they are not being walked. This can have an identity tag on it, featuring their name, address and a contact telephone number in case he gets lost. A dog collar can also have a tag on to say if they have certain allergies or information on the vaccinations, which is certainly (more…)

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