Does a dog need toys?

by Darren Jamieson on June 24, 2012

It can seem rather indulgent to buy your dog a number of toys. After all, he does not know what the toys are or understand the concept of presents, so the question could be asked of whether dog toys are just appealing to the human owners. Not so, however, as (more…)

Toys for your dog

by Leanne Thompson on January 16, 2012

Dog lovers love to treat their pets as one of the family. Buying gifts for the dog at Christmas, birthdays or just because you love them, none pet-owners can often wonder why the dog needs so many treats! However, dog toys are not just to give pleasure to the owner who wants to treat their beloved pet.

Toys can be essential for many reasons including helping to exercise your pet, stopping their boredom (more…)

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