Research shows dogs display positive and negative traits

by Leanne Thompson on September 24, 2014

A study conducted at the University of Sydney shows that some dogs are natural optimists whilst others are more pessimistic.

During the study, the canines had to (more…)

Dog owners encouraged to sign their pets up for interaction study

by Leanne Thompson on November 20, 2013

Blind and disabled people often benefit from the assistance of dogs, as these intelligent animals can be trained to boost levels of freedom, mobility and independence.

Now, scientists are hoping to find new (more…)

Blind patients to travel with guide dogs in newly unveiled ambulance

by Darren Jamieson on January 2, 2013

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) has unveiled a brand new type of ambulance that will enable blind patients to travel with their four-legged companion when in times of need.

The specially adapted vehicle was (more…)

Guide dog helps councillor step into the shoes of partially-sighted people

by Leanne Thompson on October 17, 2012

More than 360,000 people are registered blind in the United Kingdom and the majority of these people will depend on their fellow guide dogs on a daily basis. Each day, hundreds of dogs are trained to become companions for the (more…)

Scotland gears up for Guide Dogs Week

by Vivien Richardson on October 3, 2012

For hundreds of years, blind people have been assisted by guide dogs in everything from simply crossing the road to collecting their mail from the letterbox. Next week, to raise awareness of (more…)

Guide dog makes life worth living for owner

by Darren Jamieson on July 28, 2012

A blind man who was struggling with depression has had his life turned round, thanks to his award-winning canine companion, Dez.

For some time, John Tovey had (more…)

Guide dog owner awarded for his inspiration

by Leanne Thompson on July 24, 2012

Scott Cunningham is a blind man with a passion for life. His motivation to live every day as if it were his last has led him to achieve many things, including climbing Ben Nevis. However, none of this would have been possible if (more…)

Super Pet Dog Competition raises money for disabled pet owners

by Mark James on June 20, 2012

Many disabled pet owners will count on their canines to help them with daily duties, such as walking across the road, getting the post and answering the telephone. Because they are so heavily relied upon, the (more…)

Woman refused flight as guide dog required papers

by Darren Jamieson on December 27, 2011

A blind woman was refused boarding due to her guide dog not having the correct documentation.

The airline, easyJet, has offered an apology to Joanna who was stopped from getting aboard her flight due to her guide dog’s papers.

Joanna Jones was forced to fly from Belfast to Gatwick with her guide dog aboard a completely different airline.

The dog did have on a collar tag and a harness, that’s given to official guide dogs, but Joanna was informed that the dog required a certificate for the return journey.

The airline did transfer Joanna to another flight after they were contacted by the Guide Dogs Association in Belfast.

Barry Toner, Joanna’s fiancé, who also requires an assistance dog, spoke of how he had a telephone (more…)

Birmingham Alabama helps train up leader dogs

by Darren Jamieson on November 13, 2011

Leader Dogs being trained are often seen in Birmingham and, on an average day, a few of the dogs can be seen walking around the town, restaurants or shops.

Founded by three Detroit area Lions Club members in 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester is there to provide the blind with a trained guide dog. This scheme was so successful that around 270 people every year are placed with a completely trained up dog as their guide, and this is a free of charge service for them.

There are about one in three of the puppies that make it through the training regime and then become (more…)

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