Military dogs to be honoured on Veterans’ day for help on September 11th

by Mark James on November 11, 2011

There will be some canine heroes honoured this Veterans’ Day in Washington for their help, both in America and overseas, during September 11th.

Dogs will be visiting the House Veterans Affairs Committee for their help with September 11th and will be receiving the first-ever American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards for their help and bravery in the Pentagon, Iraq and also at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. The awards will be televised and wil (more…)

New home for blind Great Dane and trusty guide dog

by Mark James on November 6, 2011

It’s the end result that everyone wanted for blind Great Dane, Lily and her friend Maddison, who is now her guide dog.

When readers of the Daily Mail heard of these two special dogs searching for a home together, they were inundated with dog lovers everywhere offering to give them a loving home.

The family deemed most suitable to continue the care for these dogs was the Williams family from Crewe in Cheshire. The dogs will now leave their current home at the Dogs Trust centre in Shrewsbury and will start their new lives at a new home.

Lily, now six, was just a young puppy when it was discovered she was suffering from a rare (more…)

Guide dog savaged in Bull Terrier attack

by Mark James on October 24, 2011

A seeing eye dog was left covered in blood after it was attacked by another dog in a supermarket in Leith.

The savage incident lasted more than five minutes, as staff leaped to the defence of two-year-old Una and tried repeatedly to free her from the jaws of a bull terrier in the Duke Street outlet of Tesco.

Elaine MacKenzie, who owns Una, recounted the terrifying incident to The Scotsman:

“I popped in to do a bit of shopping and as I walked towards the exit I stopped to make sure I’d put everything in my bag and all of a sudden this dog, that was tied to the shopping baskets holder, just flew at us.

“Una made a noise that can only be described as a scream as this dog got hold (more…)

Guide dog who saved owner during 9/11 attack wins posthumous award

by Darren Jamieson on October 11, 2011

A labrador who saved its blind owner during to 2001 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers has been posthumously honoured as American Hero Dog of the Year.

Michael Hingson was sat at his desk in his place of work on the morning of September 11th on the 78th floor of the north World Trade Centre tower when American Airlines flight 11 devastated the building 18 levels above him. Unlike many unfortunate victims, Mr Hingson lived to tell his tale thanks to Roselle, his guide dog.

Cool as a cucumber, the labrador led Mr Hingson, who is blind, down 1,463 steps to exit the (more…)

Service animals no longer just for blind

by Leanne Thompson on June 24, 2011

Service animals, like blind dogs, are of vital importance to the people that they care and provide a service for. However there are many more dogs that are being used to help try and detect illnesses such as cancer, comfort patients in hospital and aid people that have difficulties with their mobility. There has been a huge rise in demand for dogs who can provide these services.

guide dogs not just for the blindHospitals have seen advances in technology with biopsies and CAT scans that confirm cancer and people getting blood tests done that will confirm diabetes. However there is a new tool that can be used too help detect these (more…)

Blind man told to leave cafe because of dog

by Mark James on June 16, 2011

Andrew Lee, of Princess Court in Trumpington of Cambridge, entered the Tudor Rose cafe last May with a friend and Vinnie, his guide dog, to get a cooked breakfast but when they walked in a waitress immediately asked them to leave.

Mr Lee stated:

“I went into the café in Mill Road with a friend last Wednesday. The waitress came up and said you can’t have any dogs in here.”

He tried to talk to the cafe manager but they still maintained that he must leave.

To avoid confrontation, the three left (more…)

Guide dog is Man’s best friend’s best friend

by Mark James on April 13, 2011

Guide dogs and their owners have an especially close relationship, and Edward had served his master faithfully for the last six years. So, when Edward began to succumb to glaucoma, his owner thought of a novel solution to the problem.

Graham Waspe, from Stowmarket, decided to adopt a second guide dog to assist him and Edward in getting around. The new dog, 2 year old Opal, soon became firm friends with them both, and now fills in (more…)

Cab firm blind to impending guide dog law suit

by Mark James on March 5, 2011

A blind woman has successfully sued a taxi cab firm after they forced her to pay extra to transport her guide dog.

Yvonne Saint-John of Glinton, Peterborough, claimed that she was ripped off by Eagle Cars, who she said had been overcharged several times by the heartless cab hire company, including one instance where she was stung for an extra £2.50 in case her black Labrador, Quaid, had left any hairs on the car seats which would require cleaning up.

Mrs Saint-John said of the incident:

“I rely on my guide dog to get from A to B and to have a social life. He is my lifeline and it’s (more…)

Guide dog charity leads the way with new degree

by Mark James on January 11, 2011

guide dogs for the blindA charity that provides guide dogs for the visually impaired has announced a new degree after an exercise to re-appraise its training methods which lasted four years.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, which is based in Reading, will start to enrol students on its new Foundation Degree for Canine Assistance later this month. This new degree will be accredited by the University of Chester, and those undertaking it can customise it to suit their role within their current job.

This means that people working for the charity wishing to branch out into another field, or (more…)

What’s your dog related New Year’s resolution?

by Mark James on December 31, 2010

When the kerfuffle surrounding Christmas is over, and we’ve unwrapped presents by the score, drunk enough eggnog to float a battleship and lain corpulent in front of the TV to watch the Bond film, we tend to start feeling a little guilty. It’s therefore not surprising that we attempt to assuage our guilt by making a resolution for the New Year. Whether it’s to lose weight, give up smoking or pay more attention to the jobs that need doing around the house, although our intentions may be noble, we rarely stick to them.

The solution? Do something worthwhile that takes virtually no effort on your part – set up a monthly direct debit to a charity for instance. There are many worthwhile causes, but here’s a few dog related charities you (more…)

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