Full list of past Crufts winners

by Leanne Thompson on March 31, 2010

The Crufts dog show was won just a couple of weeks ago by Yogi, a Hungarian Vizsla – the first time that the Best in Show was won by that particular breed of dog. This started us thinking about how many different breeds of dogs had actually won the show, and where you could find a full list of the Best in Show winners. The Crufts website itself doesn’t seem to hold this sort of information – even for recent winners – so we’ve compiled this up to date list of the Best in Show winners at Crufts, from Yogi’s success just a couple of weeks ago, Charmin’s victory last year (a Sealyham Terrier) to as far back as 1928.

We’ve also listed, where possible, each dog’s Kennel Club name.

Those familiar to dog breeding and dog shows will know that the letters ‘Ch’ before a dog’s name show that they are a champion of two or more major shows.

We’ll update this page each year with the new winner at Crufts – so you’ll always have this information to hand.

Year   Kennel Club Name   Name   Dog Breed
2010   Sh Ch/Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear It’n Mind   Yogi   Hungarian Vizsla
2009   Ch Efbe’s Hidalgo at Goodspice   Charmin   Sealyham Terrier
2008   Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier   Philip   Giant Schnauzer
2007   Ch/Am Ch Araki Fabulous Willy   Willy   Tibetan Terrier
2006   Am Ch Caitland Isle Take a Chance   Chance   Australian Shepherd
2005   Am Ch/Ch Cracknor Cause Celebre   Coco   Norfolk Terrier
2004   Ch Cobyco Call the Tune   Deedee   Whippet
2003   Ch Yakee A Dangerous Liaison   Danny   Pekingese
2002   Nord Ch Topscore Contradiction   King   Standard Poodle
2001   Ch Jethard Cidevant   Cid   Basenji
2000   Ch Torums Scarf Michael   Mick   Kerry Blue Terrier
1999   Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid   JJ   Irish Setter
1998   Ch Saredon Forever Young   Mel   Welsh Terrier
1997   Ch Ozmilion Mystification   Justin   Yorkshire Terrier
1996   Sh Ch Canigou Cambrai   Albert   Cocker Spaniel
1995   Ch Starchelle Chicago Bear   Joshua   Irish Setter
1994   Ch Purston Hit and Miss From Brocolitia   Buttons   Welsh Terrier
1993   Sh Ch Danaway Debouair   ?   Irish Setter
1992   Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold   ?   Whippet
1991   Sh Ch Raycrofts Socialite   ?   Clumber Spaniel
1990   Ch Olac Moon Pilot   Paddy   West Highland White Terrier
1989   Ch Potterdale Classic of Moonhill   Cassie   Bearded Collie
1988   Sh Ch Starlite Express at Valsett   ?   English Setter
1987   Ch Viscount Grant   Gable   Afghan Hound
1986   Ch Ginger Xmas Carol   Emma   Airedale Terrier
1985   Ch Montravia Tommy-Gun   Tommy   Standard Poodle
1984   Ch Saxonsprings Hackensack   Hank   Lhasa Apso
1983   Ch Montravia Kaskarak Hitari   ?   Afghan Hound
1982   Ch Grayco Hazelnut   Hazelnut   Toy Poodle
1981   Ch Astley Portia of Rua   ?   Irish Setter
1980   Ch Shargleam Blackcap   Brett   Retriever (Flat Coated)
1979   Eng Am Ch Callaghan of Leander   ?   Kerry Blue Terrier
1978   Ch Harrowhill Huntsman   ?   Wire Fox Terrier
1977   Sh Ch Bournehouse Dancing Master   ?   English Setter
1976   Ch Dianthus Buttons   Buttons   West Highland White Terrier
1975   Ch Brookewire Brandy of Layven   Ben   Wire Fox Terrier
1974   Ch Burtonswood Bossy Boots   Boots   Saint Bernard
1973   Alansmere Aquarius   ?   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
1972   Ch Abraxas Audacity   ?   Bull Terrier
1971   Ch Ramacon Swashbuckler   Swashbuckler   German Shepherd Dog
1970   Bergerie Knur   Grant   Pyrenean Mountain Dog
1969   Ch Hendrawen’s Nibelung of Charavigne   ?   German Shepherd Dog
1968   Ch Fanhill Faune   ?   Dalmatian
1967   Ch Stingray of Derryabah   ?   Lakeland Terrier
1966   Oakington Puckshill Amber Sunblush   ?   Toy Poodle
1965   Ch Fenton of Kentwood   Fenton   German Shepherd Dog
1964   Sh Ch Silbury Soames of Madavale   ?   English Setter
1963   Rogerholm Recruit   ?   Lakeland Terrier
1962   Ch Crackwyn Cockspur   ?   Wire Fox Terrier
1961   Ch Riverina Tweedsbairn   ?   Airedale Terrier
1960   Sulhamstead Merman   Merman   Irish Wolfhound
1959   Ch Sandstorm Saracen   ?   Welsh Terrier
1958   Ch Chiming Bells   Bell   Pointer
1957   Ch Volkrijk of Vorden   ?   Keeshond
1956   Treetops Golden Falcon   ?   Greyhound
1955   Ch Tzigane Affri of Nashend   ?   Standard Poodle
1954   No show        
1953   Ch Elch Elder of Ouborough   ?   Great Dane
1952   Ch Noways Chuckles   ?   Bulldog
1951   Twynstar Dyma-Fi   ?   Welsh Terrier
1950   Tracy Witch of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1949   No show        
1948   Tracy Witch of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1947 – 1940   No Show        
1939   Exquisite Model of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1938   Exquisite Model of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1937   Ch Cheveralla Ben of Banchory   ?   Retriever (Labrador)
1936   Ch Choonam Hung Kwong   ?   Chow Chow
1935   Pennine Prima Donna   ?   Pointer
1934   Southball Moonstone   ?   Greyhound
1933   Bramshaw Bob   ?   Retriever (Labrador)
1932   Bramshaw Bob   ?   Retriever (Labrador)
1931   Luckystar of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1930   Luckystar of Ware   ?   Cocker Spaniel
1929   Heather Necessity   ?   Scottish Terrier
1928   Primeley Sceptre   ?   Greyhound


  1. Has a boxer dog ever won the crufts???
    yours sincerilry
    maisie ayres

    Comment by maisie ayres — April 10, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

  2. why are jack russell terriers not in crufts for
    Is it true they are trying to make jack russells part of kennel club so they be allowed to enter crufts in the future some time

    Comment by k9 owner — March 8, 2011 @ 12:54 pm

  3. Im shocked to see that a Pug has never won Crufts!

    Comment by andy — March 12, 2013 @ 9:34 am

  4. What dog won BoB in Irish setters in 1978, please?

    Comment by Lynda — June 10, 2017 @ 2:05 pm

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