First cloned British dog born

by Leanne Thompson on April 17, 2014

A caterer from West London recently won a £60,000 contest to clone her beloved dachshund, Winnie.

Rebecca Smith, 29, had previously made jokes about (more…)

Dog detects owner’s breast cancer

by Darren Jamieson on April 10, 2014

A nine-year-old collie called Max has alerted his owner to a serious health issue.

The discovery comes after Maureen Burns had been to see a doctor with (more…)

Fife dog rescued from blaze

by Vivien Richardson on April 3, 2014

A Ballingry family are breathing a sigh of relief following the rescue of their pet dog during a middle-of-the-night house fire.

The blaze broke out at (more…)

Dogs compete one week after blaze

by Leanne Thompson on March 12, 2014

Three Pedigree canines have competed in the world’s largest dog show just days after being saved from a house fire.

The Dogue de Bordeaux Hooch, consisting of six-year-old (more…)

UK’s first dog radio to be broadcast this month

by Vivien Richardson on March 5, 2014

The UK’s first radio station targeted at dogs and their owners, Hound Waves, is to be broadcast in two days’ time.

The station, which is supported by animal charities and celebrities, is being launched as part of (more…)

Experiments show that your dog really understands you

by Leanne Thompson on February 26, 2014

For many years, scientists and animal lovers have wondered just how intelligent man’s best friend actually is. Following recent research conducted in Hungary, it has been proven that dogs can actually understand their owners.

An MRI scanning study saw a group of canines put through their paces (more…)

Dogs can take a break in London’s first canine café

by Vivien Richardson on February 19, 2014

With so many people living with four-legged friends in the capital, it seems fitting that London’s very first canine cafe will soon open its doors there.

Later this year, the House of Hounds will (more…)

Belgian shepherd follows his noses to loving new home

by Darren Jamieson on February 12, 2014

The team at the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in Uddingston, Glasgow will soon bid farewell to a dog named Snuffles, who will be re-homed in East Lothian with a new family next week. What makes this story all the more amazing is that the pup was born with two noses.

When the Belgian shepherd was brought to the home, boss Pamela Jackson and the rest of the team immediately fell in love with the unusual looking canine. Initially, Snuffles’ rare defect affected his ability to find a new home, with potential owners unsure about the problems it could cause as he matured.

However, following rejection by four owners, adoption offers poured in from around the world after a team of staff issued an appeal to find him a home. This plea caught the attention of people as far afield as the USA and South Africa, but it was a local dog-lover who eventually took Snuffles for a walk and took to him enough to adopt him.

Jackson was thrilled to receive in excess of 40 messages and 20 calls from interested adopters. Speaking about the rare congenital defect, she said:

“I’ve never seen the condition in my 20-year career. We wanted to pick the best home for him.”

Having got to know his new owner, the young pooch is ready to start his new life and will no doubt make the most of the reported acre of land he now has for his frolics.

Dog walkers participate in Paws on Patrol scheme

by Leanne Thompson on February 5, 2014

In a bid to tackle issues in the area, the people of Newmarket in Suffolk are joining forces with their four-legged friends to sniff out crime.

More than 16,000 people live in (more…)

New charity launched by Norfolk husky owner

by Leanne Thompson on January 22, 2014

A Husky and German Shepherd dog rehoming charity has recently been set up, using its founder’s heroic canine pet as its inspiration.

Blue-eyed Siberian husky Bolt is (more…)

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