Puppy saves toddler lost in Siberian forest

by Leanne Thompson on August 14, 2014

A three-year-old child who had been lost in one of Russia’s coldest regions for 11 days and nights was kept alive by her pet dog.

Little Karina Chikitova followed her (more…)

First cloned British dog born

by Leanne Thompson on April 17, 2014

A caterer from West London recently won a £60,000 contest to clone her beloved dachshund, Winnie.

Rebecca Smith, 29, had previously made jokes about (more…)

The ‘12 dogs of Christmas’ find loving homes for 2014

by Leanne Thompson on January 9, 2014

Just a couple of weeks ago, a litter of American bulldog-cross puppies were taken to the Southampton Blue Cross centre, which specializes in animal adoption and animal hospital services.

Thousands of animals are taken to the facility throughout the (more…)

First ever litter of Stabyhouns born in the UK

by Vivien Richardson on September 11, 2013

A five-year-old Stabyhoun named Rikje has been beaming with pride after giving birth to 10 healthy puppies. What makes this story so special is the fact that Stabyhouns (more…)

RSPCA workers nurse puppies back to health

by Darren Jamieson on May 1, 2013

As the leading UK animal welfare charity, the RSPCA is relied on to prevent animal cruelty and assist with the rescue and health of animals.

Millions of pets have been re-homed and adopted (more…)

Win a Puppy Party Pack with Andrex

by Darren Jamieson on October 9, 2012


Terms & Conditions

  1. No purchase necessary. No third party or bulk entries will be accepted.
  2. Under 16s need parental/guardian’s consent. This promotion is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the republic of Ireland, excluding employees and their immediate families of Sheer Media Ltd, its agents and anyone professionally associated with it.
  3. To enter the prize draw, answer the simple question on the website, complete your details and click Enter
  4. The prize consists of 1 Puppy Party Pack
  5. All entries into the draw must be received by 23.59 31st October 2012
  6. Winners will be selected at random under independent supervision within 14 days of the closing date.
  7. No cash or other alternative prizes are available, except that in the event of circumstances outside its control the promoter reserves the right to substitute similar alternatives of equal or greater value.
  8. By entering this Promotion, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  9. Prize receivers will be required to take part in publicity. The winners’ name and county will be published on the Dream Dogs website.
  10. The promoter’s decisions regarding all promotional matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Promoter: Sheer Media Limited, Unit D4, Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre, Ellesmere Port CH65 9BF

Tips for house-training your puppy

by Mark James on July 26, 2012

You may expect the process of house training your puppy to be frustrating and time-consuming. However, your puppy is keen to please you and it simply takes patience and care to help him understand how (more…)

Is it normal for your puppy to bite?

by Mark James on July 2, 2012

It’s possible if your puppy gives you a nip that you may be concerned about aggressive behaviour, but it is more likely that he is simply testing his environment with his mouth.

Puppies use their mouths to start to understand the world around them. ‘Mouthing’ is a normal behaviour in young dogs and usually taught to them by their mothers at an early age. On occasion, however, the puppy may not have learnt to do this properly. It could be due to poor teaching, or being removed from his mother too early in life, but the result is usually that the puppy is clumsier with his mouth.

So can you help your puppy to understand when they have given you an uncomfortable nip?

The simple answer is yes. The ASPCA suggests that you should respond to playful behaviour by making a yelping noise and pulling back from the dog so he knows his bite has hurt you. Playing with other puppies also helps him to learn how to use his mouth appropriately.

You can spot aggression in the form of more tense body language and possibly the baring of his teeth. The bite is also likely to be more painful. On such occasions owners need to remain calm while holding the puppy still until he is quiet. There is never any need to hurt your puppy while doing this.

Puppies won’t always learn straight away, but gentle, consistent reactions to a bite will help him to understand his behaviour is not welcome.

Getting your puppy to listen to you

by Vivien Richardson on June 28, 2012

Your puppy will never really know what you are saying, it is the tone of the voice that really speaks to the dog and helps him to understand what you mean. You can probably see this in your dog’s reaction if you (more…)

Bringing a rescue dog home

by Vivien Richardson on June 18, 2012

If you have chosen a dog from a rescue shelter, extra care should be taken when bringing your pet into your home.

Make sure that your new dog has (more…)

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