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Akita Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Akita stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

Milo Akita Stud Dog

Male Japanese Akita. 6 Months Old. Very friendly temperament. He is very excitable and loving and would help make some beautiful puppies. Beautiful coat.... (more)

Location: Lancashire

Stud Fee: £250.00

Akihiko Akita Stud Dog

AKita for Stud only. He is a Handsome 10 month old for Stud. Please contact me for Pictures as I could not upload it to the site. Many Thanks [contact-form-7... (more)

Location: Berkshire

Stud Fee: £50

Akihiko Akita Stud Dog

A beautiful Male just over 9 months for Stud only. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing submit will send your message to the stud dog owner This post... (more)

Location: Berkshire

Stud Fee: £50

Finding a Akita stud dog in the UK

Plan to find a Akita stud dog well in advance before your dog comes into her season; don't rush into it. Quality Akita stud dogs will have all the paperwork, including pedigrees, vaccinations and health check info. Choosing to use our stud dog directory means you can find more Akita stud dogs throughout the UK

Breeding the Akita

Not every purebred Akita should be bred; breeding should occur between the best quality dogs for great pups Finding a suitable stud dog who will even out your Akita qualities will involve a lot of time; choose carefully. Before breeding your Akita, have her tested for hip dysplasia and other common problems with the breed

Breeding Akita puppies

Your bitch may prefer to whelp in the middle of the night; it is important to keep her somewhere well lit. When your Akita pups are 3 weeks old, they need to be wormed along with their mother. Consult a vet for advice. Don't be afraid to ask any potential owners if they have the spare time to look after a Akita puppy
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