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Bearded Collie Stud Dogs

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Smudge Bearded Collie Stud Dog

SMUDGE is a beautiful Brown & White Bearded Collie he is an exceptionally special dog not only in his temperament but also in his nature and super... (more)

Location: Tyne and wear

Stud Fee: £450

Finding a Bearded Collie stud dog in the UK

If you want to breed from your Bearded Collie, get her vet-checked first to rule out any genetic or health issues. Quality Bearded Collie stud dogs will have all the paperwork, including pedigrees, vaccinations and health check info. Widen your Bearded Collie stud dogs search to the whole UK, from your immediate locality by using our online stud dog directory

Breeding the Bearded Collie

Speaking to another breeder may help if you have and doubts about your decision to mate your Bearded Collie. Breeding your Bearded Collie involves lots of time, expense and planning, but many find it highly rewarding. Before breeding your Bearded Collie, have her tested for hip dysplasia and other common problems with the breed

Breeding Bearded Collie puppies

Have your vet's phone number to hand; It can make all the difference if your bitch experiences any trouble. If you hand rear your Bearded Collie pups, do not give them cow's milk; it is indigestible to them and can cause problems. There are many places to advertise your Bearded Collie pups for free, such as your local shop or free ads paper
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