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Chihuahua Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Chihuahua stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

Tiger Chihuahua Stud Dog

Tiger is tanned with white patch around his neck and 1 white paw. He is gentle and loving, he loves to play too!! This will be his first time mateing.... (more)

Location: London

Stud Fee: £100

Freddy Chihuahua Stud Dog

hello i live in Sunderland Tyne/Wear, I have a cross dog to breed it is a dog cross Chihuahua/ maltese it is a brilliant dog. All i ask for is one of the... (more)

Location: Tyne and wear

Stud Fee: £0

Riley Chihuahua Stud Dog

STUD DOG ONLY *Not for sale* Here i have my beautiful stud Riley, he is a long haired fawn/red colour. He is champion sired and mother is a blue fawn,... (more)

Location: West Midlands

Stud Fee: £150

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Finding a Chihuahua stud dog in the UK

Before breeding your Chihuahua, take her to your local vet to have all the appropriate breed's health checks. A reputable stud dog owner will already have had all the Chihuahua necessary health checks before advertising. Use our online stud dog directory to help you find a greater selection of quality Chihuahua stud dogs in the UK

Breeding the Chihuahua

Be aware of your responsibility to provide help to your new Chihuahua puppy owners before breeding your bitch. Whilst your Chihuahua is pregnant, be sure to continue with her daily run or walk, and shorten it as time goes on. If you intend to show your Chihuahua pups, check the Kennel Club rules for registering your puppies in advance

Breeding Chihuahua puppies

Stock up on old blankets and newspapers before whelping - ask your friends and family to donate some. For the first couple of weeks, your Chihuahua pups will mostly just eat and sleep; your bitch will clean up after them. Make sure that any potential owner has the necessary time to exercise and train their new Chihuahua pup
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