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Chinese Crested Stud Dogs

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Dave Chinese Crested Stud Dog

Dave is a Powderpuff who is 18 months old. He is a family pet, great with small children and lots of fun. He’s yet to have a mate but he is defo... (more)

Location: Essex

Stud Fee: £100

Finding a Chinese Crested stud dog in the UK

Although you love your Chinese Crested, recognise any faults in her and look for a stud dog with these strengths. Reputable Chinese Crested stud dog owners will be happy to discuss the vaccinations, health checks and pedigree detail. By using our stud dog directory, you can find more fine specimens of the Chinese Crested in the UK in your online search

Breeding the Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a delightful breed; if you have fallen in love with the breed you may decide to mate your dog. Breeding your Chinese Crested can be highly rewarding as you watch the puppies grow and start to find their feet. If your Chinese Crested's pregnancy goes over 65 days, take her to a veterinarian to have her checked out to be safe

Breeding Chinese Crested puppies

The whelping box should be somewhere that's easy to clean and away from noise, other pets and activity. When your Chinese Crested pups are 3 weeks old, they need to be wormed along with their mother. Consult a vet for advice. Give as much detail as you can when advertising your Chinese Crested puppies to help avoid any time-wasters
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