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Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) Stud Dogs

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Black Jack Louis Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) Stud Dog

A lovely handsome black and tan miniature dachshund, lovely nature, and kennel club registered, good pedigree. Contact for more information and inquiries.... (more)


Stud Fee: £400

Finding a Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) stud dog in the UK

Make sure that your Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) has had all of the right health checks and vaccinations before breeding her. The stud dog owner should be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about their Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired). Choosing to use our stud dog directory means you can find more Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) stud dogs throughout the UK

Breeding the Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

The Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) is a wonderful breed of dog; so much so, you may have decided to breed your bitch yourself. Foster a good relationship with your local vet, who can be a great resource during your Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)'x pregnancy. During pregnancy, you'll find your Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) eats much more than her usual volume of food; this is quite normal

Breeding Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) puppies

An old quilt in the corner of the whelping box will make a great bed for the puppies and their mother. Your Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) pups should be keen to try solid food, but may need encouragement by gently dipping their noses in it. Make sure that any potential owner has the necessary time to exercise and train their new Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) pup
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