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Leonberger Stud Dogs

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bear Leonberger Stud Dog

avaliable from dec 2012 at stud are stunning gentle giant. bear has a fantastic temperment and has been brought up with a big family with young children.... (more)

Location: Cornwall

Stud Fee: £500

monster Leonberger Stud Dog

we have offered at stud our stunning leo boy, he is kc reg with excellent pedigree and temperament to match. for more info please contact us [contact-form-7... (more)

Location: Suffolk

Stud Fee: £400

Finding a Leonberger stud dog in the UK

Knowledge of the Leonberger breed will help you to make the best choice when searching for the best stud dog. The stud dog owner should be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about their Leonberger. Search through our stud dog directory for quality stud dogs in the UK and follow our tips to find the right one

Breeding the Leonberger

Be honest when viewing your Leonberger's shortcomings; that way, it is easier to choose an appropriate stud dog. Before breeding your bitch, take her to your local vet to have all the appropriate Leonberger health checks. A typical Leonberger will come into heat every 6 months, but it is unwise to breed during the first heat cycle

Breeding Leonberger puppies

If you can, place the whelping box near to outside access such as a back door so the mother can stay close. Be careful to look for any abnormal discharge such as blood in the milk; bring it to your vet's attention asap. Check if the prospective owner has children, will they be shown how to properly care for a Leonberger pup?
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