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Lhasa Apso Stud Dogs

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Lhasa Apso Stud – 5 Generation Pedigree – Kennel Club Reg. – Available Yorkshire Lhasa Apso Stud Dog

Available for Stud Lhasa Apso Teddy is charming, affectionate, gentle & fun-loving Lhasa Apso dog. He has the most adorable nature, obedient and calm,... (more)


Stud Fee:

Rory Lhasa Apso Stud Dog

black/brown in colour. a very friendly dog , he is great with children and other dogs. Fully vaccinated and vet checked. he is registered with dog lovers... (more)

Location: Lanarkshire

Stud Fee: £200

Dools Lhasa Apso Stud Dog

dool is an adorable 5yr old recently proven he produced his first litter of gorgeous pups an intelligent KC reg sire with an impressive 5generation pedigree... (more)

Location: North Yorkshire

Stud Fee: £150

Derek Lhasa Apso Stud Dog

Derek is a lovely, good natured dog. He is gentle and obedient. He is good with children and has a calm temprament. Derek has had all his injections and... (more)

Location: Merseyside

Stud Fee: £150

Finding a Lhasa Apso stud dog in the UK

Before breeding your Lhasa Apso, take her to your local vet to have all the appropriate breed's health checks. A photo and a few lines of text is not enough information for a decision so contact a few stud dog owners. Experienced Lhasa Apso stud dog owners in the UK advertise online and many will use an online stud dog directory

Breeding the Lhasa Apso

Before choosing to breed your Lhasa Apso, be sure to read as much as you can and speak to those with experience. For optimal results, mate your Lhasa Apso every other day until she no longer wishes to accept the stud dog. At week eight, your Lhasa Apso should be eating double her normal amount; exercise time should be shorter

Breeding Lhasa Apso puppies

There is no set pattern for whelping; if after two hours of bearing down there are no results, seek advice. A bitch's first milk contains antibodies that are important for your pups, so their first feed is important. If you have doubts about a prospective owner, don't be afraid to say no; it is your right to do so
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