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Mastiff Stud Dogs

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Buster Mastiff Stud Dog

buster is a lovely mastiff X rottweiler he’s nearly 2 years old very playful and gentle he’s great with kids and big dogs and very strong he’s... (more)

Location: Devon

Stud Fee: £200

Finding a Mastiff stud dog in the UK

Knowledge of the Mastiff breed will help you to make the best choice when searching for the best stud dog. Expect to ask a lot of questions of any stud dog owner, so make a list before you start ringing around. To have a good choice of stud dogs in the UK, use our online stud dog directory to help widen your search

Breeding the Mastiff

Before choosing to breed your Mastiff, be sure to read as much as you can and speak to those with experience. The best breeding time can be hard to judge; a vet can conduct a hormone test on your Mastiff to narrow it down. Your Mastiff's pregnancy usually lasts about 9 weeks; the birthing date is taken from the date of first mating

Breeding Mastiff puppies

It's important to remain calm and collected during whelping, as your bitch will pick up on any anxiety. Your Mastiff puppies claws will begin to get sharp at 3 weeks old; trim the tips with small nail clippers weekly. Try to discourage viewing of your Mastiff pups for the first 5 weeks as they are still open to infection
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