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Please browse through our stud dogs directory to find a suitable stud dog. We have hundreds of stud dogs listed here at Dream Dogs, from many different dog breeds. You can search for stud dogs by using our search box on the right of the page, choosing the dog breed you are looking for, and even filtering your results by county, or you can register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free!

Amarillo Celtic Diamond Labrador Stud Dog

Kennel Club registered yellow Labrador Retriever available for stud. He is proven and has a low hip score of 5/5=10, a perfect elbow score of 0/0=0 and... (more)

Location: Ayrshire

Stud Fee: £300

jasper Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Stud Dog

tri colour cavalier king charles 5 years old very loving charecter excellent with children and other animals even cats he is proven in stud and has produced... (more)

Location: Kent

Stud Fee: £150

Paddy Fox Terrier (Wire) Stud Dog

Excellent KC registered, Wire Haired Fox Terrier at stud, superb bloodlines, counting many UK and International Champions he is a wonderfully balanced... (more)

Location: Staffordshire

Stud Fee: £350.00

Oscar Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

KC name: Cadavel Immanuel Oscar General info: We have a beautiful KC Registered Show Cocker Spaniel for stud, Oscar was born 29/04/10 Sire: Galibar Diablo... (more)

Location: County Durham

Stud Fee: £150

Rocky Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud Dog

Hi im looking to stud Rocky. He’s a blue and white staff and 16 months old. I am from Merthyr Tydfil area Cant upload pictures for some unknown reason... (more)

Location: Wrexham

Stud Fee: £150

THE BLUE GENTLEMAN Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud Dog

NICE [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing submit will send your message to the stud dog owner ATT_1314791929344_ATT_1312490120463_ATT_1311580617715_ATT_1311409838593_ATT_1311245924773_Fig50xnhor1645-1-1-1.jpg... (more)

Location: Essex

Stud Fee: £250

Chester Jack Russell Stud Dog

Chester is a kind natured PLUMMER TERRIER which is a pure breed he is registered to the plummer association a plummer is a mixture of = Beagel, fell terrier,... (more)

Location: Leicestershire

Stud Fee: £150

Teddy Pomeranian Stud Dog

Beautiful cream Pomeranian boy available at stud, KC Registered. Fantastic temperament and friendly nature. Has produced some lovely puppies. He is very... (more)

Location: Wiltshire

Stud Fee: £200

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Choosing a stud dog to breed

Whatever breed you have, if you're thinking of breeding your dog then you will want to find the best stud dog. Firstly, make sure your dog has had all the necessary health vaccinations and checks, then look for the same in a stud dog. By using an online stud dog directory, you can widen your search and find a greater choice of stud dogs

Do your research before selecting a stud dog

Dog breeding should not be a spontaneous decision; you should know what you're getting yourself - and your dog - into. Speak with your local vet, read up on what is involved and ask questions of the potential stud dog's owner. Breeding puppies is a rewarding experience, but no matter what the dog breed, it is an important decision

The stud dog directory

Start your search for a stud dog with an online directory; this will avoid limiting your choice unnecessarily. Make a list of any concerns or questions, including the dog's pedigree, breeding history and appearance. When searching for a stud dog, you should be looking for a dog to complement yours and improve the breed

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