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Papillon Stud Dogs

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Buddy Papillon Stud Dog

light red sable coloured papillion. Great markings. Good with other papillions and good temperament. Lively and active. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing... (more)

Location: Renfrewshire

Stud Fee: £0

Finding a Papillon stud dog in the UK

Be sure to start your search for a stud dog in plenty of time before your Papillon comes into season. When breeding, an average dog from quality stock is often better than an above average dog from poor stock. To have a good choice of stud dogs in the UK, use our online stud dog directory to help widen your search

Breeding the Papillon

Check if your Papillon is suitable for breeding; speak to experts, other breeders and talk to your local vet. Your local vet can be particularly helpful during your Papillon's pregnancy, so let them know as early as possible. If you intend to show your Papillon pups, check the Kennel Club rules for registering your puppies in advance

Breeding Papillon puppies

The whelping box should be somewhere that's easy to clean and away from noise, other pets and activity. Groom your Papillon pups at an early to get them used to it, as it will become more difficult as they get older. Don't be afraid to ask any potential owners if they have the spare time to look after a Papillon puppy
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