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Patterdale Terrier Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Patterdale Terrier stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

Juelz Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

Game and tough when hunting. capable of being spanned directly behind the shoulders by an average sized man’s hands. He is a laid-back terrier, not as... (more)

Location: Norfolk

Stud Fee: £700

Zeus Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

For stud only He is coming up 2 years old, stands 13 inch to the shoulder, very strong dog, exellent type and very good construction, stevens and irish... (more)

Location: North Yorkshire

Stud Fee: £100

Charlie Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

He is coming up 3 years old, stands 16.5 inch to the shoulder, very strong dog with a powerful head, exellent type and very game for all quarry. proven... (more)

Location: North Yorkshire

Stud Fee: £75

Ollie Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

Lovley natured purebred patterdale terrier , proven stud dog ollie had proved very calm/gentle with the bitch.Ollie’s from full working parents but... (more)

Location: Lancashire

Stud Fee: £100

chunky Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

hi people i have here a red patterdale stud called chunky he is 3yrs of age proven stud twice over and got a litter on the way .. he is very reliable and... (more)

Location: South Yorkshire

Stud Fee: £75

Tino Patterdale Terrier Stud Dog

blakl and tan smooth coated proven stud dog pure nuttall blood line from derbyshire working stock [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing submit will... (more)

Location: Northumberland

Stud Fee: £150

Finding a Patterdale Terrier stud dog in the UK

Knowing the good and bad features of your own Patterdale Terrier will help you to choose the right stud dog for her. Start by asking the stud dog's owner if the dog has had all the necessary health checks for the Patterdale Terrier. Using our stud dog directory means you can search through photos of stud dogs in the UK to narrow your search

Breeding the Patterdale Terrier

Be honest when viewing your Patterdale Terrier's shortcomings; that way, it is easier to choose an appropriate stud dog. Breeding your Patterdale Terrier is very rewarding, but be aware that it costs time, money and a lot of effort. If you decided to breed your Patterdale Terrier for commercial gain, you may need a licence from your local authority

Breeding Patterdale Terrier puppies

Introduce your bitch to the whelping box a few weeks in advance to let her get used to the surroundings. If you hand rear your Patterdale Terrier pups, do not give them cow's milk; it is indigestible to them and can cause problems. Find good homes for your Patterdale Terrier puppies as soon as possible; if you have to advertise, do so early
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