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Poodle Stud Dogs

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Bambi Poodle Stud Dog

Bambi is my lovely little poodle boy. He has now sired 5 litters. He is wormed, flead and fully vaccinated. He is very friendly and kind. The fee will... (more)

Location: Kent

Stud Fee: £100

Harry Poodle Stud Dog

Harry is our family pet and our stud dog for our cockers. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing submit will send your message to the stud dog owner This... (more)

Location: Hertfordshire

Stud Fee: £300

Hugo Poodle Stud Dog

Hugo, is our stunning red toy boy. He is a proven stud standing at just 11 inches. He has the most wonderful nature, is very calm and quite, but still... (more)

Location: Dorset

Stud Fee: £300

Ditto Poodle Stud Dog

Ditto is a minature Poodle, he is 22mths old. He is 17inch in height which is exactly the breed standard. He has a amazing coat and personality. He is... (more)

Location: County Antrim

Stud Fee: £300

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Finding a Poodle stud dog in the UK

Be sure to start your search for a stud dog in plenty of time before your Poodle comes into season. Make an appointment to visit a few potential stud dogs for your Poodle, so you can make an informed decision. Locate more stud dogs in the UK by using our nationwide online stud dog directory, which also features the Poodle

Breeding the Poodle

When breeding your Poodle do your best to choose a stud dog who will even out your bitch's characteristics. For optimal results, mate your Poodle every other day until she no longer wishes to accept the stud dog. A typical Poodle will come into heat every 6 months, but it is unwise to breed during the first heat cycle

Breeding Poodle puppies

You bitch will need to be comfortable where she will be whelping; prepare it a week or more in advance. Your Poodle puppies claws will begin to get sharp at 3 weeks old; trim the tips with small nail clippers weekly. A potential owner may want to see the sire's name and health test results; Ensure these are to hand
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