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Pyrenean Mountain Dog Stud Dogs

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Marley Moo Pyrenean Mountain Dog Stud Dog

Marley is a 15month old pyreanean mountain dog , he is a white dog very friendly, good with other dogs large or small and fab with kiddies. This will be... (more)

Location: West Yorkshire

Stud Fee: £450

Finding a Pyrenean Mountain Dog stud dog in the UK

Look for a stud dog to complement your Pyrenean Mountain Dog; don't just opt for the nearest - or the cheapest stud dog. When you go to visit the stud dog, look at all the main points that are important in a healthy Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Search through our stud dog directory for quality stud dogs in the UK and follow our tips to find the right one

Breeding the Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Breeding your Pyrenean Mountain Dog is not something to be taken lightly; make sure carry out the necessary research. The best breeding time can be hard to judge; a vet can conduct a hormone test on your Pyrenean Mountain Dog to narrow it down. Before breeding your Pyrenean Mountain Dog, make sure that she and the stud dog are healthy and in tip top condition

Breeding Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppies

The whelping box should not be sprayed with chemicals, as new born pups rely on their sense of smell. Make sure your bitch is fed a quality diet to enable her to produce enough milk for her puppies. Give as much detail as you can when advertising your Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppies to help avoid any time-wasters
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