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Rottweiler Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Rottweiler stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

Vinnie Rottweiler Stud Dog

Vinnie is a very handsome, happy, healthy male Rottweiler. He is tall and quite stocky. He is very caring and loving – but at the same time very... (more)

Location: Lancashire

Stud Fee: £500

Leon Rottweiler Stud Dog

Pedigree German rottweller.Trained guard dog with a good and friendly nature. Weighing 70kg he is a big boned dog who is naturally dominant and very confident.... (more)

Location: Surrey

Stud Fee: £400

Finding a Rottweiler stud dog in the UK

Be sure to start your search for a stud dog in plenty of time before your Rottweiler comes into season. Expect to ask a lot of questions of any stud dog owner, so make a list before you start ringing around. To find a selection of stud dogs across the UK, use our stud dogs directory to help your search

Breeding the Rottweiler

A stud dog directory is a great place to start for information on your decision to breed your Rottweiler. Don't rush in to breeding your Rottweiler - spend as much time as necessary finding an appropriate stud dog. If your Rottweiler's pregnancy goes over 65 days, take her to a veterinarian to have her checked out to be safe

Breeding Rottweiler puppies

An old quilt in the corner of the whelping box will make a great bed for the puppies and their mother. If bathing your Rottweiler pups, always fill the bath before putting your pups in it so as not to frighten them. Be careful to advise a new owner to make sure that any vaccinations and dog insurance are kept up to date
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