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Peppi Samoyed Stud Dog

Samoyed husky for stud only. Not for sale. I.K.C reg. Can be seen.Bitch can be kept until mating is done. Kennel Club name is Peppi Tyrone. Well behaved,... (more)

Location: County Armagh

Stud Fee: £150

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Finding a Samoyed stud dog in the UK

Avoid choosing a stud dog just because he is cheap; you should choose the best mate to suit your Samoyed. You will want to check that the Samoyed stud dog has had all his health checks and up to date vaccinations. Use our online stud dog directory to help you find a greater selection of quality Samoyed stud dogs in the UK

Breeding the Samoyed

Before deciding to breed your Samoyed, make sure it's for the right reasons as you may not make much money. Whilst your Samoyed is pregnant, be sure to continue with her daily run or walk, and shorten it as time goes on. Seven weeks in, you will notice your Samoyed sleeping more; this is the time to increase her feed by 25%

Breeding Samoyed puppies

If you can, place the whelping box near to outside access such as a back door so the mother can stay close. Introduce your Samoyed pups to solid food at 5 weeks old; mix puppy food with distilled water and mash together. If you have doubts about a prospective owner, don't be afraid to say no; it is your right to do so
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