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Siberian Husky Stud Dogs

Below is a selection of Siberian Husky stud dogs on our stud dog directory. Please use the search facility on the right to search for stud dogs or Register to advertise your stud dog(s) for free.

Orbit Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the advert! I have a beautiful male Siberian Husky (grey, white and black). He’s got an incredible temperament firstly... (more)

Location: Derbyshire

Stud Fee: £700

Max Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Max is a handsome pure bred Siberian pedigree with a breed ancestry certificate from ‘Wisdom Panel’. Max is fully vaccinated with paper work.... (more)

Location: London

Stud Fee: £200

Echo Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Echo is available for Stud. He is KC registered Grey and white with bi-eyes. He is a proven stud. Echo has both eye tests clear. He has Sired many litters... (more)

Location: West Midlands

Stud Fee: £300

demon Siberian Husky Stud Dog

I have available for stud my stunning siberian Husky Demon. He is 5 years old and has been a loyal part of my family since he was a pup. He is black and... (more)

Location: Glamorgan

Stud Fee: £100

Oscar Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Oscar is a lovely husky boy, white and grey, with brown eyes. He is 2 years old in perfect health, very friendly, vital, intelligent and gorgeous. His... (more)

Location: Nottinghamshire

Stud Fee: £1

Sirus Siberian Husky Stud Dog

For Stud: Beautiful Siberian Husky in perfect health. Very sweet nature and has choclately brown eyes. Very handsome. Pure-Breed but unable to provide... (more)

Location: Norfolk

Stud Fee: 100

Koda Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Koda is grey and white 2 years old. Excellent temperament good with other dogs, kids and cats. Lovely boy. Shired 3 litters. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Pressing... (more)

Location: West Midlands

Stud Fee: £250

demon Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Demon is my beloved pet available for stud. As you can see in the pictures he has excellent markings and stunning baby blue eyes. Has sired over 10 litters... (more)

Location: Glamorgan

Stud Fee: £150

Kaiyou Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Proven pure Husky stud, KC Registered. Dark grey, black and white male, sturdy build, good temperament, been bought up with young children, therefore is... (more)

Location: Kent

Stud Fee: £250

Aries Siberian Husky Stud Dog

Aries is a stunning Siberian Husky for stud with 5 generation pedigree papers. He sports a reddish/brown coat and green/blue eyes, whilst having a great... (more)

Location: London

Stud Fee: £250

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Finding a Siberian Husky stud dog in the UK

If you want to breed from your Siberian Husky, get her vet-checked first to rule out any genetic or health issues. Steer clear of any Siberian Husky stud dog owner who isn't honest about his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Discover the details of many stud dogs around the UK by using our online stud dog directory

Breeding the Siberian Husky

If you love your Siberian Husky bitch, you may wish to breed her. Take some time and be sure to pick a worthy stud dog. Breeding your Siberian Husky can be highly rewarding as you watch the puppies grow and start to find their feet. Five weeks in, you will notice that your Siberian Husky will be thicker around the waist; increase her feed by 25%

Breeding Siberian Husky puppies

Smaller breeds will need a heat source in the whelping box. Avoid heat lamps - use heating pads instead. For the first couple of weeks, your Siberian Husky pups will mostly just eat and sleep; your bitch will clean up after them. Do not be afraid to enquire if a prospective owner has the time and funds to look after a young Siberian Husky
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