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West Highland Terrier Stud Dogs

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Leonard (lenny) West Highland Terrier Stud Dog

West Highland Terrier For Stud, Oustanding Stud, Good looking with Good balance and face. Pure white. Well behaved and gentle, comes from very clean home. [contact-form-7... (more)

Location: Cheshire

Stud Fee: £100

Finding a West Highland Terrier stud dog in the UK

Be sure that your West Highland Terrier has up to date vaccinations before you start your search for the right stud dog. Contact the West Highland Terrier stud dog owner in plenty of time so you can ask all the questions that you need to. Use our online stud dog directory to help you find a greater selection of quality West Highland Terrier stud dogs in the UK

Breeding the West Highland Terrier

Preparation is key to breeding your West Highland Terrier; make sure you research your stud dog as thoroughly as possible. Don't rush in to breeding your West Highland Terrier - spend as much time as necessary finding an appropriate stud dog. Before breeding your West Highland Terrier, make sure that she and the stud dog are healthy and in tip top condition

Breeding West Highland Terrier puppies

Cover the bottom of the whelping box well with newspapers; it will nake it easier to keep clean. As your West Highland Terrier pups get older, decrease their mother's feed as she will not need to produce as much milk. Describe the temperament of your West Highland Terrier in your ad; potential owners will make an emotional connection
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