101 Dalmatians? No, just 42, but that’s enough!

According to the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians, having that number of dogs in your home leads to fun and frolics. The truth is however that just 42 Dalmatians is too many, even when they’re kept outside. That’s what dog breeder Michelle Cousins, from Cornwall, found as she tried to cope with 42 Dalmatians, and was force to hand them over to the RSPCA amid complaints from neighbours.

Complaints ranged from concerns over the welfare of the animals, the noise they were making and the smell that was coming from the field that they were being housed in.

Miss Cousins claims she has been victimised in a ‘witch hunt’ by locals as she was forced to give up her dogs, despite repeated warnings from the RSPCA over the way she was treating her dogs. According to complaints the dogs had become pack animals and were roaming around the village, two of them were even found dead, having drowned in a swimming pool.

The RSPCA stated that 42 of the dogs were handed over by Miss Cousins, of which some have been re-homed. The breeder is to keep 6 of the dogs, but they have all been neutered so that she cannot breed from them again.

Miss Cousins won’t be facing any charges of animal cruelty as the condition of the dogs was OK, however having her dogs forcibly removed from her care has resulted in her wanting to leave the country.

I do not think the dogs were a problem at all. Most of the time they just eat and sleep.

I have been the victim of malicious accusations and a witch hunt.

I am going to a country where animals are a lot more accepted and appreciated than in this country.

I sure hope the dogs that were re-homed didn’t go to Cruella De Vil!