A dog’s bad habits can be changed

Some of the bad habits dogs show to their owners is similar to going back to a wild dog’s primitive behaviour.

Some of the behaviour problems can be due to human neuroses. To give an example a dog that has been happy on his walks with traffic passing by and suddenly starts to show they are upset. Clearly there will have been something happened to change a dogs mindset.

Humans in general find it difficult to understand their pet’s mind. In the wild a dog would rely on their pack leader to take charge. In the absence of a pack leader a dog will be relying on their owner to lead them.

A puppy that has grown up in the same household should be a reasonably well trained pet. Taking on an adult dog who previously has been mis-treated will need a large amount of patience and kindness until he feels cared for and recognises you properly as his pack leader.

Other problems come from association rather than pack leader problems.  Travelling in a car a dog may suffer from car sickness especially on his first trip. It will help if you do not feed your pet and take him for a walk before the journey. Placing him in a dog crate in the back of a car will make him feel more secure, but if you don’t do this from the start and the dog feels sick on his first occasion or so, he may then associate travelling in a car with feeling sick – much like humans may do.

The difference is, you cannot reason with a dog like you would a human, so patience and basic dog training psychology must be used – but you can teach an old dog new tricks.