A Game to play with your Dog

Show your dog something that you know he will want, say his name, hold the item under his chin and wait until he is looking at you. Once you have his full attention, give him the titbit or toy.

Continue to play this game with him over several sessions until the time comes when you say his name and he looks at you.

Once you have built up this relationship, start to get eye contact and say his name or the ‘watch me’ command that you have chosen.

You should be able to hold his attention for longer each time. The best way to check on the length of time is to count one, two and then three. This will be the bench mark for your timing.


Dogs can get used to routine quicker than their owners. If you have to leave your dog all day then go through a different door or pick up your coat from a different place.

The trick is to have a varied routine so they don’t start to panic that you are leaving them.

Don’t fuss your pet when you are going out and don’t make a fuss when you come in at the end of the day.