Nutrition is one of the key components to good dog or puppy care. The food a puppy eats is of paramount importance to its development and long-term health. Just like human beings, dogs and puppies require a balanced diet to maintain their health and good fitness levels.

Puppy-eating-premium-dog-foodThe main element of a dog’s diet is the protein food group. This is generally made up from meat and chicken (and sometimes fish) and should be given to a puppy daily. However, it is important not to over-feed a dog or puppy with too much meat as this can cause problems with a dog’s kidneys. Raw meat and fish is also best avoided generally since these can carry a number of contaminants which are harmful to dogs, and especially puppies.

Carbohydrates are important for improving energy levels in a dog or puppy. This can be found in foodstuffs such as pasta and cereals and can be mixed into the meat being served. Relatively small amounts of fats are also needed for a dog to maintain its healthy skin and kidney functions, as well as aiding dog breeding. Vitamins and minerals are very important to dogs and puppies. Calcium for healthy teeth and gums and phosphorous for good cell re-growth are two of the most important supplements needed. Giving a dog or puppy plenty of water is also vital to ensure that the animal does not become dehydrated.

Any treats given should be specific dog or puppy treats and not ones meant for human consumption.