A hearing dog can change a life

Charity Hearing Dogs For Deaf People has a track record at changing the lives of people with severe hearing difficulties. Statistics can illustrate the performance of a charity, but sometimes an individual case study provides qualitative information which underlines the benefits of the work that a charity does. When it comes to understanding the impact that a hearing dog can have, this case study approach seems to possess significant merit.

The details of the specific case were reported on the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People website. Tracy Lewis was unfortunate enough to be born deaf and she was struggling valiantly with her disability prior to 2002. Her experiences were apparently transformed in May of that year. We all understand how a guide dog helps the blind, but let us consider how a dog can assist someone with profound hearing problems.

Tracy is very much the expert in this case, so it makes sense to consider her testimony.  She said:

2002 was the year something truly wonderful happened sparking the start of an amazing journey which has changed my life for ever, it was the year Budgie my Hearing Dog entered it from that very moment I became equal…He became my ears, mentor and special friend he brought with him light that shone through to the darkest corners of my life, sense to my moments of confusion, awareness to my isolation.

Tracy has been empowered by Budgie and has found his enthusiasm infectious. At work, Tracy has benefitted from her dog’s hearing skills. People with disabilities add a lot to our society and dogs can sometimes help them.