A positive dog show message

Sometimes the competitive ethos can make dog shows a bit intense. On other occasions, a dog show can hit the headlines for controversial reasons. It is therefore most pleasant when the media highlights the most positive aspects of a dog show.

The Times of India has recently drawn our attention to a dog show in which twenty breeds participated. Over two hundred dogs were involved in the special occasion at Patna. The dog show was held early in the year at a library building on a Sunday and was organised by the Dog Lovers’ Club of Patna. It may not have been on the scale of Crufts, but the enjoyment of the dog owners and dog admirers was commendable. It received the support of an important state official, Minister for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Ram Mandal, but it was the comment of an ordinary participating owner which really attracted attention.

A Labrador owner, Arya Achintya declared:

For the first time I am engaging in a dog show. I am very happy to see the crowd of dog lovers. It doesn’t really matter if my dog wins or not, because I saw the love of dog lovers for dogs.

The young, the old and the middle aged all flocked to the dog show. The dog show raised awareness of canine care issues and aspired to reinforce the affection people possess for dogs. It was a genuine celebration of dogs and the prizes were shared between various breeds. Arguably, a dog show is not just about winning; it is about spreading good practice and bolstering human-canine friendship.