A Puppies Corner

A puppy should always have his own private space, such as a basket or box in a quiet corner where he can retreat when he needs to.

He should learn not to jump up onto the sofa unless invited by you. Do not let your dog stay on a chair or settee unless you have an old chair that he can call his own. When he grows up you may decide to change the puppy’s bed for a more suitable size and more comfortable.

If you choose a hard basket then he will need a thick mattress or a blanket. It is important to wash the bedding regularly as the bedding is the place that fleas or mites will make their home.

There are canvas beds, on metal frames which are comfortable and easy to clean. The canvas beds fold away and can be taken with you on holiday. Plastic is used to make a plastic bed or to cover a padded bed which can make it more comfortable and draught free.

If you decide your dog is to live in a kennel make sure it is weather proof. It should be made of wood and raised off the ground to avoid draughts and damp. The best conditions are the kennel being housed in a shed or a garage.

Tip: The kennel should be large enough with blankets and a run available for your dog to have room to run and play.