A puppy and his beauty routine

When you have a new puppy, you have to take him to the veterinary surgeon for a set of vaccinations. Vaccinations are required to keep him safe against major infections, such as distemper.

While you are visiting the vet he can have his weight checked, his teeth looked at, his bones will be checked and an overall overview of his health will be fed back to you.

A beauty routine of cleaning his teeth, checking his ears and brushing his coat will be required on a regular basis, such as weekly.

Bathing and grooming:

Puppies should not require bathing for some time. Use warm water and a mild dog shampoo, not your own shampoo.

Dry your puppy thoroughly making sure his ears and head areas have plenty of attention.

Tip: Sensitive skin shampoo may be better for a puppy.

Brush and comb your puppy, taking more care if your puppy has long hair. Use a soft dog brush which will not pull the skin.

Fleas can be a pest and although you have a clean home there is a chance at some point there may be fleas in your home. Wash your puppy’s bedding regularly to reduce the risk of fleas.

Bathing can get rid of fleas and when your puppy is twelve weeks old you will be able to use flea sprays.