A puppy hears all, sees all and smells at everything

From the minute puppies are born they start using their sense of smell and hearing, even before their eyes are open. They find their way to their mother’s milk and in some cases they appear to be reacting to nothing.

This is because their senses are more advanced than adults as they need to use them all the time in every part of growing up and all throughout their adult life.

Puppies and adult dogs have over two million cells in their noses which receive scent related calls and most of their brain is used to interpret scent.

This quality is used by police officers all over the world in tracking down unlawful actions by criminals, such as drug smuggling and bootlegging DVDs. No machine has been built which can beat a dog’s nose when it comes to sniffing out evidence.

An example of the strength of a puppy’s or dog’s smelling power was undertaken by placing a teaspoonful of salt in one bucket and plain water in another bucket.

A sniffer dog was given a whiff of the salt and asked to find the bucket that contained the salt water.

Naturally the dog went straight to the correct bucket.