A well groomed dog is a healthy dog

Just as humans love to be pampered by having their hair cut and nails manicured, your dog loves to be pampered with visits to a dog groomer.

Regular grooming in a dog’s home gives you the owner an opportunity to check out your dog’s body for any unusual lumps and bumps.

Taking time to check out your pet every time you groom him means you are making sure your dog is healthy.

Whatever breed of dog, large or small regular grooming will keep his coat in excellent condition. A dog who has a healthy coat will keep fleas away and bacteria at bay.

There are some breeds of dogs that naturally have a dry skin and their coat will not shine.

If you have a pet that has tiny flakes of skin on his back you may need to ask your dog groomer to use a dog shampoo for sensitive skin.

If bathing your dog at home make sure your dog shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin and do not use shampoos made for humans.

If the symptoms persist then ask your local vet for his advice as it may be your dog has some form of allergy that requires treatment.