Abandoned bull terrier saved at New Year

In a follow up story to one published on Boxing Day, a caring family from Staffordshire has done a good deed by saving a dog’s life, when they found an abandoned bull terrier on New Year’s Day. Neighbours in the area were concerned about the dog’s welfare as she was seen wandering around Trentham with no place to go. Shortly after, she was rescued by a nearby resident who kindheartedly took the dog to a local veterinary surgery.

The bull terrier is said to be around two years old and appeared to be considerably underweight when she was discovered. The veterinary surgeon said the dog seemed to have been dumped and was in a poor condition, making it very lucky that she was found at the particular time.

Sores were uncovered on the legs of the bull terrier and were treated with a form of antibiotics, which have allowed the sores to heal well. A saddening part of the story is the dog showed signs of recently giving birth; making it clear that the dog may have been bred for her pups and then dumped by the dog breeder.

It seems despicable that someone could leave a dog in such a state, but it is luck that brought the dog to Trentham, so she could be looked after properly. At the current time, the bull terrier, who has been named ‘little Staffy’, will be looked after at the veterinary centre where she is being fed well for a fast recovery. Now all that awaits is for her to find a new, caring owner.