Abandoned dog hopes to find new home

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier was left on a wet and cold winter night after being attached to a post outside a dog sanctuary.

The dog has now been renamed Bobby after a policeman who rescued him at 3am from his dire circumstances just outside of the Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, in North Anston, South Yorkshire.

Bobby is currently at the sanctuary waiting to find a friendly new home and Sarah Froggat, who helps out there, said:

“This is the third time we have found dogs dumped this way in as many weeks, but this was the first in these circumstances for a long time. The fear in the mind of that little dog that night is upsetting for everyone who cares.”

Sarah continued:

“It was cold, wet and windy when this little dog’s owners decided they didn’t want him anymore.”

“They took him out in the car, tied him up and drove away.”

“Fortunately the police drive around fairly regularly and he was spotted by officers passing the sanctuary.”

“They untied him and took him to the safety of the local police station, and they then got in touch with our night manager.”

“By 4.30am, the frightened little dog was tucked up in a warm kennel with treats and fresh water, starting the road to recovery and a loving new home.”

The sad news is that Bobby is not the only dog to be left abandoned in this way. There are many dogs in his position, being homed in places such as the sanctuary, hoping to find warm and loving homes at this time of the year.