Abandoned dogs use Facebook to find new homes

It seems that just about everyone is on Facebook these days, from grandparents to long lost school friends. Now even dogs have their own Facebook page, at least a group of abandoned dogs who have found themselves at ‘Scruffy Angels animal welfare group’ have their own page.

The dogs have had a page created for them by the manager of the animal welfare group, Kirsty O’Sullivan, from Hornchurch, who warns that the dogs would have to be put down if they can’t be re-homed.

There are more than 30 dogs at the moment staying with different volunteers.

I’ve got around six in my house, but they’re coming in so fast that by the end of the day, I’ll probably have 10!

We’re desperate. We’re at saturation point.

We’ve got all different types of breeds, from small, pretty dogs to staffs, to big labradors.

Currently the welfare group looks after all of the dogs in their own homes, taking in abandoned dogs and dogs whose owners can no longer cope, or afford to keep them due to the current economic climate.

With the credit crunch at the moment, some people are having to get rid of their pets. For financial reasons they just can’t handle it.

And some breeders are being greedy and getting rid of breeds that aren’t profitable.

In a bid to help the dogs find a new home, Kirsty has created the Facebook page that features profiles of all of the dogs. She’s currently in a 3-bed home, so doesn’t have the room to look after the dogs she’s currently caring for.

You can help the dogs by volunteering to help, donating money or even adopting a dog yourself by calling Kirsty on 07737 907 111.


  • Thank you for the extra publicity, always great to receive, never heard of this site before until I googled our name.

    We have 4 dogs arriving this week alone!

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