Dream Dogs has been created because we feel there is a lack of indepth websites about dog breeding, in particular for dog owners looking for information about finding and using stud dogs, whether or not to breed from their bitch and what to do through the whole process.

Whether you decide to breed from your dog is up to you, but we feel you should make that decision being fully aware of what you’re getting yourself, and your dog, into.

Through using stud dogs and breeding litters, this increases the number of dogs out there. We aim to use dog breed profiles to help people find jargon-free and down to earth descriptions so that they can be sure to choose a dog that will suit their family and lifestyle, whether that is a puppy from a responsible breeder or a grown dog or puppy from a dog shelter.

We will also talk about what to do if you need to re-home a dog. After all, it isn’t the dog’s fault if he needs to find a new home. We aim to provide responsible news and information about dogs of all shapes and sizes, to keep people up to date with information on dogs, and be a central place for dog lovers to read about our best friends.

By doing this, we hope you enjoy our website and visit often.

Dream Dogs Team