Advice for dog owners from the Dogs Trust

In the current financial climate, some dog owners are finding it difficult paying for their dog’s needs, such as food, care and vet’s bills. As a result, many dogs, even pedigree dogs, have been abandoned or handed in to the Dogs Trust to be re-homed.

As a result, the Dogs Trust has issued some advice on helping to pay for the keep of your dog, so that you don’t run into financial difficulty with regards to paying for them.

One of the things that the Dogs Trust suggests is buying your dog’s food in bulk to cut down the cost. They also advise that you feed your dog biscuits where possible, instead of tinned food, as these can be much cheaper.

Pet insurance is another important thing to consider with your dog, as it can save you hundreds of pounds should your dog become ill. It’s advisable to keep your pet insurance premiums up to date, as vets fees will be more expensive than pet insurance.

In addition to this advice, the Dogs Trust is to launch a campaign called Lets with Pets, which is set to encourage landlords to allow tenants to bring their dogs with them when they’re in rented accommodation.

If you’re having difficulty paying for the keep of your dog, don’t despair, give the Dogs Trust a call on 0207-837 0006.