Afghan dog starts new life in UK as tribute to soldier

The tragic loss of Pte Conrad Lewis, of 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, has led to a new life in the UK for a dog nicknamed Peg by the regiment. Peg was one of the many strays in Afghanistan and had worked his way into the affections of Pte Lewis in the time preceding his untimely death in Afghanistan.

War has brought many stories of both tragedy and heroism from Afghanistan to our nightly news for many years.


Pte Lewis had regularly mentioned Peg in letters home to his loved ones and whilst home at Christmas had declared his desire to bring Peg home.

Following his death, Pte Lewis’ family felt that bringing Peg home would be a great way to carry out his wishes and bring them some form of connection to what was an important part of his life in what must have been trying circumstances whilst serving in Afghanistan.

Peg, a three year old mongrel bitch, may not yet be totally impressed with her stay in the UK so far whilst she lives in quarantine, but she is enjoying regular visits from her adoptive family prior to her moving to her new adoptive home in November.

Peg will give the family a link to their son who was regularly accompanied by Peg whilst in Afghanistan and will also be a reminder of his service to his country with the Paratroopers. Peg takes her name from the Pegasus which is the winged horse on the regiments emblem.