Alaskan malamute UK’s fastest increasing breed by popularity

New figures have revealed that the Alaskan malamute has increased in popularity with families in the UK faster than any other breed of dog.

Once obscure on UK shores, the wolf-like breed was put to use as a sled dog in the Arctic and is especially resistant to sub-zero temperatures and snow blizzards – a rarity in Britain.

malamuteAccording to new figures released by the Kennel Club, the number of malamutes in the UK has increased by nearly 1,000 % during the past ten years, and now the breed outnumbers more familiar dog breeds such as basset hounds, standard poodles and corgis.

Speaking to The Telegraph, UK Alaskan Malamute Club representative Anne Nevinson commented:

“They are wonderful pets but they are not your average dog.”

“They are a sled dog and still have all those instincts. They are very independent and need company from other dogs. They are less loyal to their master than other breeds are.”

“They also have a very high prey drive, so will hunt. You don’t take them to the park and let them run round with other dogs.”

During 2009, the UK Kennel Club registered 1,195 malamute pups, compared to the figure of 128 during 2000. The organisation admitted that it had some concern over this steep rise as, usually belong to a pack, they are demanding and may not be suitable for all families.

A spokesman for the Kennel Club stated:

“The breed does seem to be fashionable at the moment, which is something we really want to discourage.”

“They are very intelligent dogs. They can make fantastic pets but they need a lot of stimulation. Pack dogs need lots of exercise and interaction.”


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