Allergens and dog food

dog-foodYour dog can be miserable and ill if the food he is eating is causing an allergic reaction. Most dog owners are happy to make sure their dog is receiving the correct balance of ingredients in their dog food but sometimes their dog can suffer and an owner can struggle to identify why.

Some commercial dog food can cause a dog to have reactions to one or more of their ingredients.

A dog’s balanced diet should have 22% protein, 6% fat and 4% fibre. Dog food should have a few vegetables and be supplemented with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Dogs love homemade foods that are made especially for him but who has time to make it? It can then be difficult to know that you are giving your dog everything he needs.

To counteract allergens in dog food that can cause itchy skin and rashes you can provide protein in the form of chicken, fish and turkey. Be aware that beef, pork and lamb can be too rich for most dogs if fed every day. However a few pieces as a treat is acceptable.

Dogs require a certain amount of fat in their daily meal. Feeding your dog fresh fish will provide enough fat. If your dog is on a meat diet then add a teaspoonful of fish flax or coconut oil to help improve his dog health.

There are also manufacturers that make specially made natural or hypo-allergenic dog food, which can stop your dog from suffering from his allergies and allow you to feed him just as normal. This allergy dog food does cost more than the typical supermarket brands but the ingredients are far better for your dog. The result is a shiny coat, beautiful bright eyes and your happy dog is back again.