Answers to questions about flying with your dog

When you want to take your dog abroad there is always a concern that a dog will be upset or uncomfortable on the long journey. A recently conducted survey with the employees of the cargo department of a major airline revealed that most pet owners ask the same questions about how to make sure their dog has an enjoyable trip.

Listed below are some of the answers to many of the questions that pet owners ask airline staff on a regular basis.

If a flight schedule is on a long layover, your dog will be happy in the holding area as it is fitted with temperature controls to keep him comfortable.

The law states that your dog can be taken out of the cargo area by trained staff in an emergency.

dogs on planes
Dogs on planes

There is no need to worry about your dog, all of the cargo staff are fully trained in pet care and they will regularly check to see if your dog has enough food and water.

All animals are loaded on to a plane after passengers have boarded, and they are the first to disembark at the end of a journey.

When a plane is cancelled, or there is a change of plans, your dog will be placed in the airport kennels, or placed on another connecting plane.

It is wise to make sure your dog is in good health before planning a holiday, his vaccinations are up to date and that you have completed his health certificate.

Health certificates are valid for 10 days, if you are going to be away longer than 10 days you will need to complete another certificate.