Are you ready to become a dog owner?

Buying a dog is a big commitment and is not all cuddles from a puppy or lovely walks in the park – particularly with the Great British weather! Dogs can be loyal and loving, good company and a lot of fun, but they will be heavily dependent on you in terms of food, attention, exercise and care. You need to be sure that you are really ready to own a dog.

Your lifestyle is one of the largest factors when determining if you are ready to own a dog. The kind of job you have, the hours you work and how you spend your social life are prime considerations when looking to welcome a new pet into the home. Dogs should not be left alone for hours on end, not least because they may become restless and destroy your home or possessions. Apart from that, although there are some dogs that can be quite independent, they are essentially sociable creatures and require attention, exercise and an investment of your time, particularly if you need to train a young puppy.

Dogs can be expensive pets to buy and look after. Not only the initial purchase of your pet but ongoing vet fees, insurance and pet food can make a serious dent in your finances. Consider all these costs before buying a dog and assess whether realistically you can afford to pay out if your pet is injured or becomes sick or if you want to go on holiday and need to put your dog into kennels.