Area restrictions for dogs in Warwick District

Warwick District councillors are set to roll out restrictions as to where dog owners can take their dogs for a walk in the area.

This has been on the council’s agenda for a while now and areas where dogs are not allowed, in and around Leamington, are set to be increased if officials’ recommendations are agreed to.

In September, councillors for the Warwick District voted for the measures to stop dog owners taking their dogs to certain areas, such as cemeteries, and to introduce the requirement of a lead in others, such as Newbold Comyn and the majority of Warwick Racecourse.

This decision came even after a much-publicised opposition campaign and is clearly not very popular with the many dog owners who live in the surrounding area.

The latest news will no doubt come as a disappointment to the opposition, as overview and scrutiny committee councillors have extended the list of places, owned by the council, where they believe dogs shouldn’t be allowed or should be kept on leads. These additional areas include Red Lane in Kenilworth, Newbold Comyn and Priory Pools in Warwick.

The order could also be extended by Parish councils who are being invited to have their say on which areas they would like to see additional dog restrictions put in place.

The original restrictions were set up this month and the additional areas are set to be decided on by the district council’s executive committee on Wednesday 16th November at Leamington town hall at 6pm.