Army dogs living in squalor

Every dog lover pampers their pooch, giving them the best they can and, often in the case of many of us, spoiling them rotten. Dogs who work for the Army however, are living in squalor, it seems.

When you consider these dogs put their life on the line for their country, and their handlers, they deserve to be treated much better than they are. Reports from tabloid paper ‘The Sun’ have revealed however that the dogs are living in confinement, for more than 20 hours per day in some cases.

Dogs such as Labradors, Spaniels and German Shepherds are being treated as prisoners, instead of being treated like the heroic dogs that they are.

According to a source quoted in the paper:

The animals are vexed and unhappy, which makes them more dangerous and unpredictable, and means they take longer to train.

Dogs sleep in ancient sheds with concrete floors covered in hay.

You wouldn’t keep your lawn mower in them.

They keep it clean but it’s like polishing a t**d.

According to the report, a decision on repairing the dog kennels has been delayed because of arguments over should foot the bill. Meanwhile the dogs remain in the awful conditions.