Aromatherapy oils: the healing remedy for your puppy

Aromatherapy oils, with their different scents and aromas, affect humans in different ways and this applies to your puppy also.

Essential oils which have been distilled from herbal plants and trees can be specially formulated to help your puppy in many ways.

Animals have a keener sense of smell, so the scents and aromas will appear stronger to them.

There are shampoos, bath oils and sprays available and they all contain different essential blends to help in treating your puppy in a natural way.

The products available for your puppy all use use the natural ingredients of the oils to their best advantage by measuring the amount required for each treatment.


Try adding a couple of drops of Lavender oil to his bath to calm him down and settle in his new home.

Do not add too much as your puppy will find the strong scents overpowering.

Essential oils can also be used to increase your puppys appetite if he is off colour.

Chamomile essential oil can be sprayed on his bedding before bedtime to help with his pattern of sleep.

Note: if you are concerned your puppy is not well you need to take him to you local vet.

Caution: do not applly concentrated essential oils directly on your puppy’s skin and keep the liquid away from his eyes and ears.