Avoid punishment when training your puppy

There are various ways to train a puppy and depending on the books you read or the training classes that you take your puppy to, there will be different schools of thought on how to raise an obedient dog.

One of the ways that you should avoid training your puppy is through punishment. Remember the dog is only young and your pet will not necessarily equate a punishment with the action that they have just done. Particularly if you find dog mess on the floor that you did not see the puppy make, it may not necessarily understand that a clip on the nose is as a result of their mistake. Follow the ’10 second rule’ – if you don’t respond within 10 seconds, then it’s too late; leave it.

A better way to train a puppy is through rewards either by spending time together, affection or with good old fashioned doggy treats. Of course, your dog may be naughty sometimes and you may feel like you should give a response but withholding treats or attention from your puppy when they have been naughty compared to the attention or treats you give when they are good, should be enough to demonstrate to your dog the kind of behaviour that you expect.

Whatever way you choose, it will take a lot of time, patience and self discipline to keep going with your training regime when your new little friend is running rings around you in your home. The time and effort will all pay off though when you are rewarded with a very special relationship with your dog as he or she grows up.