Baltic the dog still braves the Baltic Sea aboard the Baltica

Baltic the dog has been the focus of celebrations one year on from his dramatic rescue from a sheet of ice that was adrift off the coast of Poland.

Baltic the dog on the BalticThe hapless pooch began his odyssey when he became stranded on some ice that come loose and floated along the Vistula River, before heading 25 km (15 miles) out to sea.

The starving, shivering dog was rescued in the nick of time and became the centre of worldwide media attention.

Maritime officials from the city of Gdynia visited Baltic this week, bearing gifts of dog toys and brand new dog feeding bowls.

Adam Buczynski, who risked his neck rescuing Baltic and adopted him afterwards, said that he is as faithful a companion as a person could want, and even goes along with him to his local bar for a few beers.

Although Baltic’s experience is enough to scare him into never leaving dry land again, the plucky mutt also accompanies his master on his trips out to the Baltic Sea.

Buczynski says that his pet is the official mascot of research vessel the Baltica, and only becomes anxious if the sea is particularly rough. Buczynski said:

“He also likes sitting on the captain’s bridge. He has been nominated the observer by the captain, because he observes what is happening outside.”

However, as good as Baltic’s four sea-legs are, he will be left behind on his owner’s next jaunt. The Baltica will be out at sea for two months, and he will be looked after by friends.

After his rescue, several people, including a family that drove all the way from the Czech Republic to see him, came forward to adopt him, but Baltic rejected them all in favour of his rescuer.