‘Ban dogs from churchyards’ demands church warden

It seems as though the number of different places that dog owners and their dogs are able to go in the UK is becoming smaller and smaller. All over Britain, dogs have been banned from beaches, parks, town centres and public areas. It’s as if dogs have been classed as criminals and are no longer allowed out.

A churchwarden in a Lancashire church, St Bartholomew’s in Westhoughton, now wants to ban dog owners and their dogs from the churchyard itself. Churchwarden James Wilson had branded dog owners being allowed in the churchyard as ‘disgraceful’ – and wants to see them banned immediately.

Mr Wilson recently requested that councillors make the churchyard a ‘dog free zone’, complete with heavy fines for any dog owner that strays into the churchyard. He added:

With all the countryside and fields we have around Westhoughton, I don’t understand why anyone would choose to walk their dog in a church cemetery.

It’s not something I have known at any other church in my whole life. I think it’s a disgrace.

The council instead erected a sign insisting that dogs are kept on a lead at all times when they are in the churchyard. This is not enough for Mr Wilson though – he wants dogs banned altogether. Mr Wilson added:

Saying dogs should be on a lead means the council is giving permission for dogs to be there but they shouldn’t be.

Dog owners are also warned about clearing up after their pets, with a £75 fine for any dog owner that fails to do so.

The Town Council for Westhougton has now written to the Cemeteries and Parks Team at Bolton Council, requesting that dogs are banned from churchyards.


  • Only just seen this post. Outrageous. The Churchwarden’s Terrier goes with her (me) into the churchyard twice a day when I unlock and lock up again in the evening. She loves chasing the pigeons off the gravestones and NEVER disgraces her owner.

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